Thursday, March 19, 2009


Week 1 - Find Websites for bullying,
Week 2 - Make The Games
Week 3 - Continue Making the Games
Week 4 - Add Finishing Touches

Changes in our plan-
Week 1 - Find websites about bullying
Week 2 - Make the Games
Week 3 - Changed Project
Week 4 - finish power point nd add finishing touches

Evaluation ; )

4. Comment on how well you worked on the project.
It Was quiet hard at first because we change from 1 project through other projects. but overall I think I Did well.
5.What did you do well?
I Searched some programs to help us with our project
6. What could you improve upon?
The only thing we needed to improve on is be safe mith the time we have and use it well.
7.What would you do differently...and why?
I would've looked through my options of projects before I just decide one that you cant do or cant find information about.
8. Compare your predicted time plan with the actual project process and give reasons for changes. It was different because we spent too much time searching the game making websites and now we didnt even find any and didnt end up doing the game. but instead a presentation
9. Comment on any difficulties you had while doing this project and how you overcame them.
We couldnt find game making websites and we had to change our project
10.Mention feedback you received from your testers and summarise / analyse the results.
11. Explain the impact of your project. product on;
• Yourself, I learned alot a bout bullies and I myself by creating this will help others
• Others , they will know how to deal with bullies, and bullies themselves will notice how much they hurt someone.
• The environment/society We will be much safer and kids will cooperate much better in the playgrounds ; )

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How can I make use of established and emerging technology tools to support media awareness about bullying in school? What are the best tools to use for effective communication?
You can use them to show how bad bullying in school is and how it effects all the kids in a bad way , also how to deal with bullying or bullying without being aware of it.
Videos , Games and very creative colourful brochures.

What are the features of each animation software? In other words, describe what each can do and what they can create.

Brochures ; Can Be Passed around to people , if they are colourful they might be very attractive to children and their attitude towards bullying.

Posters ; The same as brochures they must be colourful and useful to attract the children to be affective.

games ; They Are very Fun , And The Children Will Learn In A Fun & Safe Environment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each one?

The advantage of games out of the 3 is that they're learning while playing a fun game , children learn better when the affect of learning if out in a attractive way .

Sunday, February 15, 2009


A bully is a person who purposely tries to hurt others by:

· Making them feel uncomfortable.
· Hurting them by kicking, hitting, pushing, tripping, [ Physical Abuse ]
· Name-calling & Teasing
· Spreading Hurtful rumors.

Who do bullies pick on?

· Often, bullies are bigger kids, so they pick on:
· Kids that are smaller.
· Kids they think won't have the courage to stand up to them.
· Kids that have few friends to stand up for them.

Why do bullies do what they do?

· Sometimes they think that they will win or get what they want.
· Sometimes they want to impress their friends.
· Sometimes they enjoy feeling power over someone because sometimes they are being bullied.
· Sometimes it is Not on purpose

What to do if someone is bullying you:

· Tell someone you trust about it. If it is easier for you, write that person a note instead. (People you might want to tell are: parents, teachers, the principal, or older friends).
. Never keep being bullied a secret!
· Try not to let the bully see you are upset. (Bullies are looking for signs that you are upset and they may do it more).
· Avoid areas where the bully feels comfortable picking on you (for example, places where teachers cannot see you - such as corners of the playground, lonely corridors, and behind large furniture in the classroom.
· Try to surround yourself with friends and people who will stand up for you.

What to do if you see someone who is being bullied:

· Get friends together and TALK to the bully. Let the bullies in your school know that bullying is not accepted at your school.
· Don't cheer the bully on or stand around to watch. (The bully might like the attention, and pick on the kid even more).
· If you see someone being bullied, find someone to help stop it. (Get another friend, a teacher, a playground safety, a principal).
· Be nice to, include, and get to know the people who are being bullied: You may find they are similar to you!!
· Try to make friends with the bully too- show them other ways to interact with others. (They don't need to bully others to be accepted or cool).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Well Does Your Product Work? 
Does It Do Everything That You Said It Would Do And Does It Do It Well?
Well, My Product is going Quiet well, All the buttons are working and so is the Media . It has 5 pages Filled with helpful information on Earthquakes. My Website turned out to Be A great Product because I followed the steps . 
How well did you work at each stage of the design cycle?
I Worked very hard and tried my best to make it look very well presented and clear to read. In the Beginning I had A Few Problems With Using iWeb But Then I Got used to It And Adapted .

Thursday, January 29, 2009

1. Your design and layout of your web pages - does it fit your drawing/plan ?
My Design fits the drawing/plan quiet well except for some buttons that need to be added this is not done due to the knowledge of doing it, I don't know how to put in buttons on my iWeb.
2. My Topic & research. What Have I Done In Class ?
I have researched many Google documents and videos about my natural disaster : Earthquakes. And because at home We all don't have iWeb so All the iWeb work is done in class.
3.Color , Font and use of Multimedia.
I Decide to use a black background so it shows how serious and alarming this natural disaster is. The font I used gives kind of an earthquake affect and it represents the shaking of an earthquake. I have no movies or videos on my iWeb because I Still Don't know & Have difficulties inserting 1 to my iWeb.
4. Does it have 5 pages ?
No at the moment my iWeb has only 2 pages , but it is still in progress. & so far I'm doing great and the work is great too.
5. The Features Of Apple iWeb. What Is Working ? What Isn't?
At the moment I am very new to iWeb and I am still trying to discover new tools and try to figure out how things work.
6. What is A Widget ?
A widget is a action/tab you add to your iWeb, you Can add movies, Google maps, ect..
7.Do you have an Emergency Plan? Do You Have A reference page ?
No i Do not have any of those , as I Said The iWeb is Still not Completed and I Assure You in Time The iWeb Will Be Fully Completed and Very Useful.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Good Website

This Is A Good Website Because It Is Easy To Understand, Very Straight Forward And Clear. It Has Bug bold Writing and the colors contrast well.
Bad Website

This Is A Bad Website Because It Is Very Cramped, not Easy To Read the Color Of the font doesn't contrast Well With the Background color and there is too much happening at one time on the page.